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Unique Ideas for Your Bronze Anniversary

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Bronze Gift Ideas

In US wedding anniversary gift tradition, the 8th wedding anniversary is when gifts of bronze should be given, though in a list created by the Chicago Public library which is used as a more modern source of gift ideas for anniversaries, the 19th wedding anniversary is the year for bronze. This means that whether you are heading for your 8th or 19th anniversary, bronze is a theme you might want to choose. Of course, bronze isn't a material we use all that much these days, but is one that is still used for decorative items and also in jewelry to create some amazingly attractive and durable pieces, whether to wear or display around the home.  

If you want to find some truly original and appealing bronze wedding anniversary gifts, here are some things you might consider: 

A Bronze Couple Sculpture 

Bronze sculptures look elegant as well as striking, and are great for inside the home or even for your outdoor spaces. To mark an anniversary, a sculpture representing a couple in love can be a beautiful choice. You can consider a very classical looking sculpture if this suits your spouse's taste of your home décor, like this one, something with a modern and abstract look like this sculpture of a couple represented as shapes, or something with a quirky, cute and tender look like this bronze sculpture of a man sheltering his partner with an umbrella. A couple sculpture can help show how you feel, whether it is one that shows passion, romance, companionship or sweetness, and is a tasteful addition to your home that can make a pretty talking point. 

Family Sculptures 

Of course, for many couples in their 8th or 19th year of marriage, they are no longer just celebrating being together but also the family they have built in that time. If your marriage is not so much about dancing together or sheltering your spouse from the rain any more, and more about having a vibrant, crazy family life together, then there a beautiful bronze sculptures to represent this too! Whatever size your family, a fun, energetic looking bronze sculpture that captures the feel of it can be a touching gift, like this one of a family of four with the couple each carrying a child.  

Bronze Jewelry 

Jewelry is almost always a good choice of gift for a woman, so if you have a wife to buy for for a bronze anniversary then you may be able to find a nice piece that incorporates bronze with other metals to a nice effect, or uses the color of bronze if not that material. Jewelry in mixed metals is very popular and fashionable at the moment, so don't be afraid to stray away from classics like silver and gold! 

Whether you choose to buy something lovely for your home or get your spouse something new to wear with bronze as a theme, they are sure to be delighted if your gift is as interesting and unique as those suggested here!

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