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July Anniversary Gift Ideas

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July is the true beginning of summer. School is out and most people are looking forward to their summer vacation. If your anniversary falls in July, you have it easy. The weather is normally great, so an outdoor celebration party is definitely on the cards. You can also use the glorious weather and vacation anticipation as your July anniversary inspiration. Here are some great ideas to get you started. 

Summer Loving 

Summer is a time for love. The hot weather, long days and sultry feel to evenings all conspires to put us in the mood for love. If your anniversary is looming, why not look at celebrating your union with a sexy bedroom makeover. 

A gorgeous boutique cotton throw for the bed would be a great choice. Alternatively, look at investing in some cute printed pillowcases with a romantic message: All of Me Loves All of You or Mr. and Mrs. Your other half will fall in love with you all over again.  

Chill Out Gifts 

When the weather is hot, it is difficult to find the motivation to do anything. A July anniversary is the ideal excuse to treat your beloved to a chill out gift that positively encourages them to relax. 

Buy a picnic hamper and organize a relaxing picnic somewhere scenic and quiet. The two of you can chill out for a few hours, chat, eat, drink wine, and enjoy some quality time together, away from the pressures of everyday life. Does that sound appealing?  

Alternatively, buy your beloved a gift basket containing sweet treats and encourage them to put their feet up on the sofa while you both watch a romantic DVD. 

Something for the Garden 

If you are celebrating a July anniversary, it is a great opportunity to buy a garden gift. July is the perfect month to celebrate your anniversary outdoors. Organize a party for friends and relatives and celebrate in style.  

A stylish bronze fire bowl is the perfect July anniversary gift. You can cuddle up around a blazing outdoor fire and enjoy each other’s company for years to come. Alternatively, how about a ‘Grow Old With Me?’ Verdigris sundial for the garden? This super romantic gift is a lovely choice if you are lucky enough to have reached your 21st wedding anniversary.  

Romantic Jewelry 

You cannot really go wrong with some romantic jewelry, whether this is your first wedding anniversary, or your 50th. Gold jewelry works well for a first anniversary. Diamonds are for a 10th anniversary, emeralds for a 20th anniversary, and silver for a 25th wedding anniversary.  

Before buying jewelry for a July anniversary, think about what your items of jewelry your beloved already has, and what he or she likes in terms of style. A man would probably adore a quality watch whereas a woman might prefer a pendant or earrings.  

Anniversary gifts are essential. You cannot let your special day pass without marking it with a special gift. Be sure to go gift shopping a few weeks before the big day so there are no last minute panics!

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