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How to Buy Jewelry as an Anniversary Gift

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how to buy jewelryChoosing an anniversary gift that really marks the significance of the occasion and shows your spouse just how much you love them is never easy, but for a lot of people buying anniversary gifts for women, jewelry is a good option. Unless your wife never wears jewelry, a well chosen piece can be a touching gift that she can enjoy wearing for a lifetime. Of course, as with anything that is worn, taste can play a big part in it, so jewelry can be easy to get wrong if you don't consider what she likes and the kinds of things she wears. Even a very expensive, valuable piece made of exquisite materials could fail to get the desired reaction if it is in a style she would never wear! 

So, how can you be sure to choose something that suits both the occasion, and your wife? 

  1. Don't Stick Too Rigidly to Tradition 

As most people know, there are materials traditionally used for anniversary gifts, and if it just so happens that you are coming up to your 'pearl' anniversary and your wife likes pearls, sticking to tradition and getting her some pearl earrings will be a nice and thoughtful gift. However, a lot of people ignore tradition, especially for the earlier years of marriage where the materials are not so luxurious! Another tradition you can either use for inspiration or ignore completely is her birthstone. If you are not sure if she likes the stone in question, then it's better to go with something made of materials you know she definitely likes and wears. In short, even if it's your 'wood' anniversary and her birthstone is garnet, she may well prefer a pretty silver cuff bracelet like this one 

  1. Compliment Her Wedding and Engagement Rings 

It can be a nice touch for a wedding anniversary to buy something that looks nice with her wedding and engagement rings, perhaps by echoing the color of the metals or having stones in a similar cut. Diamond earrings with stones a similar shape to a diamond solitaire ring can be perfect, but if you want to spend less, just match the color rather than type of metal – like this three colored jewelry set which would complement a Russian band style wedding ring without being made of three types of gold.  

  1. Sizing 

Since you are coming up to a wedding anniversary, you don't have the same room for getting things wrong as when you were first dating, so if you don't know her ring size or roughly how many links to remove on a watch to make it fit, or whether she has her ears pierced, don't risk being wrong! Choose something that will fit anyone, like a pretty bangle bracelet or a pendant to make sure she'll be able to wear it without adjustment. 

Choose well, and attractive jewelry can be a gift that your wife will be completely thrilled by on your upcoming wedding anniversary. 

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