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Bracelets as an Anniversary Gift

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If you are looking for the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your wife, no matter how long you have been married, jewelry is always a good option. Jewelry is attractive and fun to wear, but it is also something women don't tend to buy for themselves very often, so new pieces are always a delight to receive. Also, because metals and stones are strong, resilient materials, jewelry feels like a gift that will last a lifetime – perfect for expressing your enduring love for your wife as another year passes as a couple.  

Why Choose Bracelets? 

Bracelets are a great choice for anniversary jewelry because your wife already has her engagement and wedding rings and may not want to wear more rings on her fingers, but they can be worn every day and with any kind of outfit, rather than earrings which tend to be a bit uncomfortable or need to be matched to her clothing for formal or casual wear. Necklaces can be a good choice too for the same reasons, but bracelets are often a less common gift, so she will probably be delighted to add her new anniversary gift to her jewelry collection. 

Bracelets come in various styles and materials, so here are some ideas: 

Bangle Bracelets 

Bangles are rigid bracelets that are slipped on over the wrist rather than put on with a clasp. You can choose very modern, fashionable styles like this great piece in three colors of metal that makes a big statement, or more classic, delicate designs like this silver bangle with a chic knotted design and subtle inset diamonds to give it an extra hint of luxury. Bangles are good because they fit anybody, and can usually be adjusted for smaller wrists by gently bending the metal. They are modern and trendy, and look just as good with casual clothing or office wear as with evening dresses or party clothes, so they are a versatile gift that your wife can wear all the time to remind her of you. 

Tennis Bracelets 

A tennis bracelet is a classic, glamorous bracelet style made of links with a stone – often a diamond – set into each unit. They look delicate and add sparkle to any outfit, though because they are fastened with a clasp you may need to have some links removed by a jeweler if your wife has small wrists to stop it slipping off over her hand. Traditional tennis bracelets are in gold, white gold or platinum with diamonds, but if you want to get a similar stunning look on a lower budget you can choose something like this beautiful silver and cubic zirconia bracelet. Try and choose a metal that will match well with her engagement and wedding rings, so if she has white gold or platinum rings, use either of these or silver, and match yellow gold if her rings are also yellow gold. 

Bracelets really are an excellent choice, so check out our recommendations and choose a stunning anniversary gift your wife will adore! You'll find a large collection of amazing bracelets on!

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