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Sculptures - How they are made

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Sculptures are ornamental pieces which are available in a vast amount of different styles and materials. Sculpture is known as the most enduring, and often viewed as one of the greatest forms of fine art known to man. The history and development of sculpture has played a huge part in Western culture as we know it today, and it is a key indicator of the cultural achievements of Classical Antiquary along with playing a significant part in the development of Italian Renaissance art. Along with architecture, sculpture has been one of the key components of the development of many historic, famous religious buildings.  

The History of Sculpture 

Sculpture has been around since prior to the 20th century, and has undergone a large amount of development since then. The first sculptures were similar in style to pottery, with traditional early sculptures having four main defining characteristics. Firstly, it was the only type of three-dimensional art form of the period, and secondly and perhaps most importantly, it was representational. For centuries, sculpture has been used to represent and remember influential historical figures. Thirdly, sculpture has been long viewed as an art of solid form, with any empty spaces involved seen as secondary to its bulk or mass. Lastly, early sculpture was carried out using only two main techniques: modelling or carving.  

Today, the art of sculpture has developed hugely, with tools and techniques available for artists to create intricate, detailed sculptures. Today, sculpture is no longer limited to or restricted by traditional sculpture concepts, and is instead an expressive form of art.  

How Sculptures Are Made 

Over the years, the way in which sculptures are made has undergone a range of different changes. Whilst early forms of sculpture were crafted roughly using a carving knife or basic modelling equipment, today there are many, many tools available to help artists create a wide variety of different types of sculpture. For detailed, intricate sculptures a high quality mold is often used in order to best preserve the details of the hand work. Other types of sculpture include wooden sculptures, metal sculptures and even pottery, which all have their own different techniques and tools.  

Different Materials 

When it comes to sculptures, there are a wide range of materials which can be used. Depending on the period of time in which a sculpture was created, you may see various materials being used based on what was popular at that time. For example, Renaissance art sculptures are often made from stone or bronze.  

Clay and wooden sculptures are also popular, along with various metals such as copper, bronze and brass. Each material is sculpted in different ways and using different tools, such as molds and heat, to create the art form from the raw materials. Often, clay and wooden sculptures are also cast in metals such as bronze to give them a metal appearance and better protect their structure.  

Sculptures are one of the oldest forms of art, and one which has gone through many stages of change and development. Wedding Anniversaries have different themes, many of them are the materials that Sculptures are made of, check this link to find your Wedding Anniversary Gift theme.

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Family of Three Heart

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