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Whitehall Aluminum Sailboat Sundial Bird Bath, Copper Verdi

Whitehall Aluminum Sailboat Sundial Bird Bath, Copper Verdi

  • 9999

Display your love of sailing in your garden using the Whitehall Aluminum Sailboat Sundial Bird Bath. This dramatic combination unit blends land and water themes easily, for a remarkable addition to your bird garden. A 1” wide rim around this bath houses Roman numerals, slightly raised for added effect. These form a dial, while the significant sailboat figure in the center creates a gnomon. This three-dimensional sculpture casts a shadow over the hour indicators, telling time accurately when oriented celestial north. The boat sits in the 1.5” deep bath, which is perfect for both small and large songbirds, and the wide rim creates a wealth of perching area. Made of aluminum, this unit will certainly remain durable for years, easily withstanding the elements. Place the bath on a flat surface within your garden for a hidden bit of fun, or keep it lovely and visible by placing it on a pedestal (not included). The copper colored background tonally enhances mulch or tree bark, while the verdigris colors on the recessed sections evoke leaf hues. Blend water and land accents in your yard with this Aluminum Sailboat Sundial Bird Bath. Made in the USA.

Basin Dimensions: 10.5" dia. x 1.5”D
Overall Dimensions: 12.5” dia. x 3”H
Mounting: place on flat surface or pedestal mount
Construction: aluminum

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