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"I count none but golden hours" in English and Latin 12" Copper Sundial

"I count none but golden hours" in English and Latin 12" Copper Sundial

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Bring a classic and everlasting timepiece to your yard with the Whitehall Perpetual Calendar Sundial. This intricate dial adds a hint of ancient Rome to your garden with ease and style. Roman numerals create a band around the exterior of the dial, with the phrase “I count none but golden hours” beneath it in both English and Latin. A semicircle of ivy shapes rests beneath the phrase, finished by a compass design. This item truly lives up to its name with its dial near the base. The raised discs here have the months and days listed on them, and may be rotated to align with the indicator to note the date virtually eternally. The included gnomon connects to the unit at the center of the compass, directly above the raised discs, creating a working dial. When pointing celestial north, the shadow cast by the gnomon will fall over the hour indicators, telling the current time for your area. The bright verdigris hue on recessed parts of the dial contrast the copper color on the rest of the piece, for a striking color combination. Its durable, recycled aluminum construction not only helps the environment; it also withstands harsh climates for a lasting piece. Place this sundial on a pedestal (not included) for height and drama, or nestle it within your plants for a garden treasure. Add an eternally lovely hint to your yard with this Perpetual Calendar Sundial. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 12” dia. x 5.25”H
Mounting: pedestal mount or place on ground
Construction: recycled aluminum

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