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Whitehall Aluminum Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath, Fr. Bronze

Whitehall Aluminum Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath, Fr. Bronze

  • 10999

An amazing Wedding Anniversary Gift! Add your love of fishing to your outdoor décor using the Whitehall Aluminum Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath. This charming bath and dial combination brings a familiar and rustic look to your garden with ease. The 12.5” diameter, round unit has a classic shape, with a 1” wide rim leading to the 10.5” diameter bath. This rim offers perching for many birds, and raised Roman numerals along it also indicate the hour. A narrow platform attaches to one side of the bath, creating a dock shape. A figure of a young boy, complete with rolled up pants, sits at the end of this dock holding his fishing rod. Its upward angle forms the gnomon, for a fun timepiece in your yard. The soft, overall bronze color adds an antique feel to this item, while retaining its characteristic detailing. Made of aluminum, this unit will certainly last for several seasons and look great in your yard. Place it pointing celestial north for accurate timekeeping, and put it on a flat surface for a fun dial. Entice more birds to it by situating this item on a pedestal (not included) within your flowers. Create a charming scene in your bird garden using this Aluminum Fisherboy Sundial Bird Bath. Made in the USA.

Basin Dimensions: 10.5" dia. x 1.5”D
Overall Dimensions: 12.5” dia. x 3”H
Mounting: place on flat surface or pedestal mount
Construction: aluminum

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